In the 16th century, Johann Georg Neidlinger first mentioned the Apfelwein Solzer, then a bakery

and a pub. From 1774 to 1808 it was known by the name of “Gastwirtschaft zum goldenen Stern”. Around 1808, a new owner renamed it as “Zum weißen Roß”, and in 1817 it changed owners again

and was officially named “Zum grünen Baum”.

During this period it was also known locally as “Zum grine Besen” (“By the Green Broom”),

and reputedly did a bit of side business as a brothel.

In 1825 a new owner renamed it “Nassauer Hof”, and in 1893 Solzer Family finally purchased the premises and now operates the restaurant, in the fifth generation, as an apple-wine tavern.

The current proprietor, Karl Solzer, gave it the name “Apfelwein Solzer” in 1969, and it has been known and loved by this name ever since.



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